Friday, May 05, 2006

weekend happee

Bunnie's happee thoughts (despite a TOXIC week):

-Got to spend some QT time with Kittykat (the pics are fab, mami!)
-Got to chill with Anne and watch PCK @ Saguijo (yey, Ilonggos rock!)
-Got to eat adobong pusit after a loooong time (goodies from my mumsy)
-Got to play my guitar again (whoo-hoo!)
-Got to have dinner with my mumsy dearie (CIBO eats and treats!)
-Got to spend chill time with Mary and the hausmates (wednesday inuman sessions, rock en roll!)
-Got to smoke under the pale moonlight (sarap talaga mag muni-muni sa cliff!)
-Got to read a really good book (Eleven Minutes, *sigh*)
-Got to have coffee in the morning (yey!)
-Gonna spend another fab weekend!!!

+ + +

This week has been HELL, literally. Miscommunications, tight (as in super!) deadlines, wrecked schedules, bizaare changes and yes, money matters just make things a little too complicated for my taste. Argh. I'm just so glad that despite all that, there are moments that make it worthwhile (read above), and hopefully, there will be some more to come. Can't wait for the weekend to start! :-D

(Me thinks i'm a little too happee due to the caffeine rush. Again. Heheheh)


undoy said...

hey ganda di pa ano napunta ng Saguijo! leche ang lapit lang dati nun sa ofc! :D thank God for people who appreciate the better side of Life, parang ikaw! parang tayo,ahihiihih *burp, hik!*

wanderlust junkie said...

ahihihihi! tara let's go sago minsan sa Saguijo! just lemme know when yer free, dearie!

hlF said...

coolness! say hi to everyone for me!

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